Most comfortable work shoes — healthcare edition

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As a hospitalist and primary care doctor, I am on my feet for a majority of the day. Whether it’s walking between patients rooms, pacing up and down the stairs, or roaming the hospital during rounds — there is a lot of physical activity involved. There are many things that we need in order to do our jobs safely and effectively, but one thing that I truly advocate for is investing in is a solid pair of shoes for work.

Why shoes? Because if you think about it, our feet are supporting us for hours on end. Protecting our feet and being comfortable during the workday has a huge impact on our overall performance. We take care of patients all day long, but we need to make sure that we take care of ourselves, too!

What shoes do I recommend?

I recently discovered Klogs footwear and I am absolutely loving the comfort and durability of these shoes. The great thing about Klogs is that they can be purchased on Zappos.com, and I am a huge fan of this site! If you didn’t know, Zappos is based in my hometown of Las Vegas so I absolutely love supporting them (among many other reasons why I love them). When you go onto the Zappos site to check out Klogs, you’ll see that there are a TON of different design options to choose from. I personally love the sleek and modern look of the black leather Naples design and I ordered it in size 8 (they run true to size). I need something that is casual enough to wear with scrubs, but also professional enough to wear with a white coat attire. Klogs fits the bill perfectly.

When looking for a solid work pair of work shoes, the most important factors to me are comfort, style, and durability. And with everything going on during the pandemic, I also look for shoes that can be easily wiped and cleaned as well. Klogs definitely meets all of these criteria and more! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these shoes also provide amazing arch support. The cushion in these shoes is just amazing. Also, they are super breathable and my feet don’t feel fatigued after a long 12 hour day.

Going up and down the stairs is a real test when it comes to work shoes. As a busy doc, I need something that won’t weigh me down when I’m running around the hospital to see my patients. I tried out my Klogs and they didn’t disappoint. I did not feel like I was going to slip and these shoes allowed me to comfortably go about my day without worrying that I am going to have significant foot pain at the end of my day.

Another great thing about these shoes is that they can be used casually outside of work as well. I am seriously considering purchasing another pair to use in the clinic! If you are in healthcare, I would seriously consider getting a pair of Klogs — you won’t be disappointed. Remember — Feel Better. Work Better. Live Better.

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